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"My god how did we survive the paper scars" - Lovedrug

Paper Scars is somewhat of a first perzine, but more of a remembrance of defining times over the past few years of my life. I write about my first crush on a girl and how my uncomfortableness with my sexual identity lead me to lose her, the stigma that surrounded a recent one week hospitalization for bipolar disorder that I endured recently and how one can be an ally to those who struggle with their mental illness. I also write about my relapse into an eating disorder and the overcoming that followed, my struggles with my gender identity and a recount of the time when I ran away from home following a relapse into drugs and how I learned about love from the people that took me under their wing and into their care for the week that followed.
I also have included lists, how to make the perfect tea latte, ideas on things to do when you are sad and other little pages.

Paper Scars comes from a place that was once dark but now offers hope, however despite this some content may be triggering. Please read in a safe space.

32 pages, quarter sized.

available here

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